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Welcome to InclineNation


We are a UK-based company offering a range of premium cycling stickers with the aim of helping cyclists celebrate every climb. We offer over 40 different climbs from across three continents, and we’re looking to rapidly expand our range based on climbs conquered by those in our InclineNation — so join us and let the world know about the peaks you've conquered.


Our Story


Having lived and cycled around the 'mountainous' roads of England, we've always yearned for Europe’s iconic switchback climbs. Be it tackling the beast of Galibier or scaling the hairpins of the Passo Pordoi, the exhilaration of a climb cannot be beaten. If you are reading this, chances are you already know there’s something magical about getting to the top of a mountain on two wheels. 


You would think that the actual achievement of such a feat would be enough. But we've found that having done the hard part of getting to the top, for us, it just didn’t really count unless we could pick up a sticker for that climb and whack it on our bike box! Over time, they have become a mosaic of stickers: these not only make it eye-catching and unique, but it means the whole world can see our achievements! 


The problem is that there are thousands of climbs around the world, and only the most well-ridden will have a shop at the top to sell you sticker. So while getting a sticker for Alpe D’huez is easy, it's impossible for climbs like the Puig! This means we would often come away from cycling holidays with a nagging feeling that something was missing -- that kind of feeling you get when you forget to restart your Garmin after the lunch-stop!


Join our Nation


If we're honest, then, this all started so we could get stickers for all of the completed climbs. But as we started this journey, we found this turned out to be something that other people wanted too. To that end, we give you InclineNation: because if you don't have the sticker, it never happened!


Our portfolio of stickers are all based on the iconic km milestones you’ll find going up most alpine climbs. While remaining consistent in their design, each sticker is unique in that it’s cut to include the exact profile of every climb. You’ll also have the all important vital statistics: country, climb name, gradient, length and height gain: everything you need to show the world your achievements.